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Community Dementia Support Service

Who We Are

  • The Kingston Dementia Support Service is a follow up and review service for people living in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, registered with a Kingston GP practice who have been diagnosed with dementia

  • We are based at Sunray Surgery in Tolworth

  • Clinics run every Thursday

What we offer

  • Follow-up reviews for people with dementia

  • Provide information about dementia

  • If needed, provide changes to their dementia and mood medication

  • Provide support to family and carers of people with dementia

  • Provide advice on services available to support the person with dementia and their family / carers

  • Link in with the Alzheimer's Society, who are also based at the service, to provide extra support

How to get referred

  • A lot of patients are referred directly by Tolworth Hospital after a diagnosis has been made by the memory clinic

  • If for some reason a referral hasn’t been made, or a diagnosis of dementia was made elsewhere (for example, privately), then please ask your GP to refer you to the Kingston Dementia Support Service.  This can be done by sending a letter to our email address below.

Contact the Kingston Dementia Support Service 

If you have been referred by your GP and are already under our care, you can contact us by phone or email. 

If you would like to see one of our doctors, please ask your GP for a referral to the Kingston Community Dementia service.

Call us:      020 3405 8631

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