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Enhanced Access roles

Enhanced Access Service offers appointments with a range of clinical staff, including GPs, nurses, HCAs, phlebotomists and ARRS staff.

Further Information

Where and when will the service be held?

The new service will be delivered from some additional locations. Below is a list of all locations that will be used:

  •           Surbiton Health Centre

  •           Merritt Medical Centre (Chessington)

  •           Kingston Health Centre

  •           Manor Drive Medical Centre (Worcester Park)


Session times

Weekday sessions will be delivered from 6pm to 8pm.

Saturday sessions will be delivered from 9am to 5pm.


How many shifts will I be expected to work?

Shifts will be advertised via our Rotamaster system (full training on the use of the system will be provided). Once a member of staff has completed the on-boarding process, they will be set up with a Rotamaster account and will be able to book as many shifts as they wish.

How much will I be paid?

Our pay rates are competitive and will depend on your role and on the shift(s) you choose to work. The rate for each shift will be advertised on the Rotamaster system.

Are there any requirements that I need to meet before I can sign-up for shifts?

All staff must be able to show that they have the appropriate qualifications for the role they will be undertaking.

Staff must also have:

  • A DBS check that is dated within the past 3 years (with no significant convictions)

  • A reference from their current employer

  • Evidence of being up to date with all mandatory training requirements (see below). Where staff have already completed required training as part of their practice role, training can be transferred provided evidence of completion is received (e.g. training certificates). Where staff do not have access to training (e.g. if they are not currently working for a practice), they will be set up on KGPC’s online training system in order to complete the required training.

Basic Life Support - Annual

 Bluestream units:

  • Basic Life Support Level 1 - Non-Clinicians

  • Adult Basic Life Support Level 2 – Clinicians

  • Paediatric Basic Life Support Level 2 - Clinicians

Safeguarding Children - Three-yearly

Receptionists and HCAs – Level 2

Nurses, GPs, ARRS roles – Level 3


Safeguarding Adults - Three-yearly

Receptionist – Level 1

HCAs – Level 2

Nurses, GPs, ARRS roles – Level 3

Fire Safety - Annual

All staff

GDPR Awareness -Annual

All staff

Information Governance - Annual

All staff

Infection Control - Annual

Clinician/non-clinician training as appropriate

Fire Warden - Annual


Principles Health & Safety - Three-yearly

All staff

Equality & Diversity- Five-yearly

All staff

Sepsis - Annual

Sepsis Awareness – non-clinical

Sepsis - clinical

Mental Capacity Act- Five-yearly


Supporting people with a learning disability - Three-yearly

All staff

Accessible Information Standard - Five-yearly

All staff

Role-specific training (depending on service being provided)

E.g. cervical screening/travel imms/childhood imms

Frequency - as indicated by specific course

Can people apply who don’t currently work for a Kingston Practice?

Yes!  If you don’t currently work in Kingston, or you know of someone externally who may be interested, we would love to hear from you.

How do I apply / Contact Us:

To apply to work for the Enhanced Access Service, please complete the form below and attach a copy of your CV.  Our Recruitment Team will then get in touch with you with details about the process.

Register your Interest Here

Upload CV (PDF or Word )

Thanks for submitting!

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