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Kingston Virtual Ward Pilot


Kingston Virtual Ward Pilot is a community step-up service which Kingston GP Chambers is running in collaboration with our community partners, Your Healthcare.


The aim of the service is to prevent unnecessary hospital admission for patients with one of the following:

1. Abdominal pain – ‘bowel problems’, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea

2. Falls where no fracture has been sustained, but where the patient may have other less severe co-morbidities, such as UTI

3. Respiratory conditions – COPD exacerbations, asthma exacerbations, lower respiratory tract infections, community acquired pneumonia

4. Fever

5. Frailty


Referrals into the service can be made by clinicians from any Kingston practice by contacting Your Healthcare’s Single Point of Access. New referrals can be made between 10am and 2pm Monday-Friday.


Opening hours for the service are: 8am-6pm weekdays (patients will be notified of arrangements for accessing care outside of these hours).The maximum stay on the Virtual Ward is 7 days, after which time the patient will either be discharged back to the care of their registered GP or “stepped up” by referral to KH.

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