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Community Neurology Service

The Community Neurology Service was established in 2006 to support GPs in the safe management of common neurological conditions in primary care and in line with NICE guidelines.

We manage the following conditions:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Focal Neurological Features

  • Tics and Tremors

  • Falls, Faints and Funny Turns

  • Headaches

Further Information

Your GP can refer you directly in to this service and you will typically be seen within four to six weeks.

The service supports Consultants by:

  • Ensuring appropriate referral management including comprehensive assessment and preliminary investigations including neuro-imaging and neurophysiology prior to referral

  • Reducing referrals of non-complex, non-sinister neurological conditions

  • Reducing waiting time for secondary care

Clinicians wishing to refer patients to this service can access the Referral Criteria by clicking here

The service is run by Dr Nassif Mansour a GP with Extended Role in Neurology and supported by our administration team. 

When patients are seen in the service, the doctor has full access to their medical records, as held by their GP. This is on the basis that the patient gives their consent to access. This will allow the doctor to see any past history or current medications that may be affecting the condition being reviewed and also supports the seamless transfer of information between the Community Clinics and the patients' own registered GP.

Contact the Community Neurology Team

If you have been referred by your GP and are already under our care, you can contact us by phone or email. 

If you would like to see one of our doctors, please ask your GP for a referral to the Kingston community neurology service.

Call us:       020 3405 8631

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